15 Cool Easy Drawings Ideas to Inspire Your Creativity

Get your pencils ready – this article offers an array of easy drawing ideas that will ignite your creativity and enhance your artistic skills.

A Minimalist Mountain Horizon

a minimalist mountain horizon

Capture tranquility with stark lines representing peaks and valleys. The simplicity accentuates the beauty of nature’s silhouettes. Such artwork brings a serene vibe to any space, offering a visual escape.

Simple Smiley Face With Expressive Eyes

simple smiley face with expressive eyes

This rendition adds depth to a classic favorite with eyes that carry character and emotion. By varying the size, shape, or detailing of the eyes, each smiley becomes a reflection of a different mood or personality. It’s a quick sketch that breathes life into the familiar, transforming it into a conduit of expression.

Stylized Waves On the Ocean

stylized waves on the ocean

Capture the ocean’s rhythm with a series of curved lines that ebb and flow like water. Add a touch of whimsy by varying the wave heights and incorporating swirls. This design evokes the soothing essence of the sea and can be a tranquil addition to any drawing collection.

Cartoon Cat Stretching

cartoon cat stretching

Capture the essence of feline flexibility with a stretched-out cartoon cat. Its exaggerated limbs and curving back can inject humor and character into your drawing with just a few simple lines. Add a touch of whimsy by emphasizing the playful squint of the eyes or the contented tail flick.

Whimsical Tree With Few Leaves

whimsical tree with few leaves

Capture the essence of fall or the arrival of spring with a whimsical tree that boasts a smattering of leaves. Play with the lines to give your tree character, allowing the branches to twist and turn unexpectedly. Add a splash of color to a few select leaves for a touch of charm that brings the drawing to life.

Sun and Crescent Moon Combo

sun and crescent moon combo

Capture the day-to-night transition with the sun’s warm rays embracing the cool crescent of the moon. This celestial drawing creates a harmonious balance, symbolizing the eternal cycle of time. Quick to sketch, this design adds a touch of cosmic intrigue to any beginner’s art collection.

Stick Figure Doing a Dance Move

stick figure doing a dance move

Capture movement in a drawing with a stick figure mid-dance, arms aloft and one leg kicked out. Enhance its personality by adding a jaunty hat or funky shoes to the figure. This concept adds a dash of dynamism to your sketchbook without requiring intricate detail.

A Small Cluster of Stars and a Shooting Star

a small cluster of stars and a shooting star

Capture the night sky’s magic with this starry sketch; a few twinkles here and there create a tranquil scene. The addition of a singular shooting star brings a dynamic twist, inviting the viewer’s eye to follow its path. This serene constellation adds a touch of whimsy to any drawing collection.

A Traditional Skull and Crossbones

a traditional skull and crossbones

This iconic symbol of piracy adds a touch of edginess to your drawing collection. Perfect for beginners, its clear lines are forgiving, allowing for a bit of creative wobble. Think of it as a conversation starter, evoking tales of treasure maps and high-sea adventures.

A Single Feather With Detailed Lines

a single feather with detailed lines

With an array of intricate lines, the feather becomes a study in texture and flow. Its delicate barbs catch the eye, inviting a closer look at each fine detail. This image serves as a captivating focal point for both novice and experienced artists alike.

A Slice of Pizza With Toppings

a slice of pizza with toppings

Capture the essence of a tasty treat by sketching a triangular pizza slice. Add personality with assorted toppings like pepperoni, mushrooms, or peppers, each with their own quirky shapes. Play with the arrangement for a whimsical touch, making your drawing sizzle with character.

A Quirky Alien in a Flying Saucer

a quirky alien in a flying saucer

Capture the playful essence of extraterrestrial wonder with a basic sketch of an alien piloting its saucer. Employ gentle arcs for the saucer and add a dome on top where a pair of oversized, curious eyes can peep out. Dot the background with stars or planets to situate your cosmic character in a friendly space scene.

A Silhouette of a Bird in Flight

a silhouette of a bird in flight

Capture the essence of freedom with a few swooping lines that form a bird soaring across your canvas. This illustration harnesses the grace of nature in a simple yet evocative depiction. Artists of any skill level can enjoy adding their personal touches, like varying the wing span or tilt to imbue it with character.

A Small Campfire With Simple Flames

a small campfire with simple flames

Capture the essence of a cozy night by sketching a compact campfire. Employ curved lines for flickering flames and add a few logs beneath for authenticity. This drawing injects warmth into any collection with its inviting glow.

An Easy Labyrinth or Maze Design

an easy labyrinth or maze design

A labyrinth drawing can serve as a visual puzzle, challenging viewers to trace the path with their eyes. Its interwoven paths captivate attention, making it a conversation piece. The design’s simplicity allows for quick sketching, yet it offers an intricate appearance.