15 Ornament Ideas Drawing: Creative Designs for Your Projects

Discover a variety of drawing ideas for creating captivating ornaments.

Starry Night Globe

starry night globe

The globe encapsulates a twinkling starry scene, capturing the essence of a clear, night sky. Tiny painted stars and a subtle shimmer simulate the galaxies far away, bringing the cosmos into your home. It serves as a perfect centerpiece or a calming nightlight, adding a touch of magic to any room.

Snowflake Mandala

snowflake mandala

This design marries the intricate symmetry of snowflakes with the spiritual geometry of mandalas. Each arm of the snowflake features detailed patterns that captivate and charm. Perfect for adding a serene, detailed touch to your festive decorations.

Carousel Horse

carousel horse

A carousel horse ornament captures the joy and nostalgia of classic fairground rides. Adorned with vibrant colors and intricate details like gold leaf and faux jewels, it adds whimsical charm. This piece often features a delicate saddle and flowing mane, making it a stunning visual addition to any festive decor.

Stained Glass Butterfly

stained glass butterfly

This design mimics the vibrant, translucent look of real stained glass using bright colors and black outlines. Perfect for catching light on a sunny window, the butterfly appears to change colors throughout the day. It symbolizes transformation and beauty, making it a meaningful addition to any holiday decor collection.

Miniature Book Stack

miniature book stack

This ornament features a stack of tiny, detailed books, each with discernible titles and covers. It’s perfect for bibliophiles looking to bring a literary flair to their decor. Hang it on your tree to add a touch of intellectual charm.

Hot Air Balloon With Presents

hot air balloon with presents

This ornament captures a whimsical scene as a colorful hot air balloon carries a basket brimming with intricately wrapped gifts. Delicate strings and shimmery material mimic the balloon’s ascent into a frosty holiday sky. Perfect for adding a touch of imaginative flight to any festive decor, it inspires visions of joyful travels and generous surprises.

Origami Crane

origami crane

The Origami crane embodies elegance and peace, making it a captivating addition to any festive decor. Sketch this iconic symbol with delicate folds and vibrant colors to capture its serene beauty. Hang your finished drawing amidst twinkling lights to enhance its ethereal charm.

Pine Cone Elf

pine cone elf

This whimsical creation pairs a natural pine cone with handcrafted elf features for a touch of forest magic. Small felt pieces fashion a pointy hat and ears, while a tiny painted face brings the character to life. Perfect for adding a playful element to festive decor, this elf sits charmingly on branches or amidst other holiday ornaments.

Rocket Ship With Glitter Trail

rocket ship with glitter trail

This design features a sleek rocket ascending, leaving behind a shimmering trail of glitter to evoke a sense of motion and magic. The sparkling path captures the eye, adding a dynamic element to your festive decoration lineup. Ideal for those who admire both space exploration and a bit of sparkle in their holiday decor.

Ocean Wave Inside a Seashell

ocean wave inside a seashell

This design captures the dynamic motion of the ocean, encapsulated within the delicate contours of a seashell. It combines the tranquility of the sea with the intricacy of shell patterns, creating a harmonious blend of nature’s artistry. Perfect for a calming and aesthetically appealing decoration piece.

Gingerbread Castle

gingerbread castle

A Gingerbread castle merges the charm of fairy tales with the festive spirit of edible holiday decor. Its intricate icing decorations and candy embellishments can turn it into a centerpiece for any holiday display. Ideal for artists who enjoy adding tiny, whimsical details to their creations.

Painting Palette With Brush

painting palette with brush

Capture the essence of creativity with a miniature painting palette ornament, complete with a tiny brush. Each color spot can represent traditional holiday hues or personalize it with your favorite shades. This ornament reflects the joy and vibrancy of an artist’s spirit, making it a perfect addition to any creative-themed tree.

Sun and Moon Yin Yang

sun and moon yin yang

This design melds the celestial forms into an elegant Yin Yang symbol, showcasing harmony. It features intricate line work that highlights the contrasting yet complementary nature of the sun’s warmth and the moon’s cool glow. Use vibrant golds and silvery blues to emphasize the allure of this cosmic balance.

Lantern With a Flickering LED Light

lantern with a flickering led light

This lantern design integrates a flickering LED light to mimic the soft, inviting glow of a real candle. Crafted from translucent materials, it casts enchanting patterns of light and shadow, enhancing the festive ambiance. Ideal for hanging on trees or placing on tables, it adds a warm, magical touch to any setting.

Mini Terrarium With Tiny Plants and Stones

mini terrarium with tiny plants and stones

This miniature terrarium captures the essence of a lush, green world within the confines of a transparent ornament. Carefully selected small plants and colorful stones create a vibrant, natural scene. Hang this ornament to add a touch of serene nature to any festive décor.