15 Things to Draw Digitally: Creative Ideas for Artists

Discover a variety of engaging digital drawing ideas that will spark your creativity and improve your skills.

A Futuristic Cityscape At Sunset

a futuristic cityscape at sunset

Capture the dazzling hues of a setting sun as it reflects off towering skyscrapers. Experiment with glowing neon signs and holographic billboards to add life to the urban panorama. Introduce flying vehicles to weave through the cityscape, enhancing the sense of advanced technology.

An Abandoned Amusement Park

an abandoned amusement park

Capture the eerie silence and decaying rides, a perfect contrast against a forgotten joyous past. Sketch the overgrown paths and rusted roller coasters shrouded in creeping ivy. Use moody lighting and shadows to amplify the spooky atmosphere, making it both captivating and chilling.

A Mystical Forest With Glowing Plants

a mystical forest with glowing plants

Capture the enchantment of bioluminescent flora casting soft light amidst shadowy trees. Draw twisted, ancient trunks and delicate, shimmering leaves, setting an otherworldly mood. Add mystical creatures peeking through the foliage to bring the scene to life.

Steampunk Animals

steampunk animals

Steampunk animals blend Victorian-era machinery with the natural forms of creatures, creating captivating, hybrid visuals. Imagine a lion with clockwork components or an octopus whose tentacles end in mechanical gears. This theme offers endless creativity in designing truly whimsical mechanical life forms that are both rustic and futuristic.

A Dreamcatcher With Intricate Details

a dreamcatcher with intricate details

Capture the essence of Native American culture by illustrating a dreamcatcher. Focus on weaving realistic threads and embellishing with feathers and beads. Utilize digital tools to achieve sharp details and vibrant colors.

An Underwater Scene With Mermaids and Treasure

an underwater scene with mermaids and treasure

Explore the depths of a vivid underwater scenario, complete with playful mermaids swirling around sunken treasure chests. Infuse the scene with colorful coral reefs and schools of shimmering fish to add layers of visual interest. This drawing topic allows for creative exploration of light and texture, simulating water effects and reflective surfaces.

A Detailed Mechanical Heart

a detailed mechanical heart

This concept blends engineering with anatomy, showcasing gears, pistons, and metal plates mimicking human heart chambers and valves. Each component can be rendered with high precision to emphasize the fusion of biology and technology. Artists can experiment with textures like rusted metal or polished chrome to add depth and realism.

An Ethereal Fairy Tale Castle

an ethereal fairy tale castle

Capture the allure of a castle shrouded in mystery and magic, perched on a cloud or hidden in a misty forest. Highlight architectural wonders like soaring spires, elaborate gates, and stained glass that tells a story. Play with light and shadow to evoke a sense of wonder and enchantment, drawing viewers into a world suspended between fantasy and reality.

Aliens Having a Picnic

aliens having a picnic

Visualize a variety of extraterrestrial creatures gathered around a futuristic picnic setup. Incorporate quirky, alien foods and utensils that defy earthly conventions. Play with odd textures and vibrant colors to enhance the otherworldly feel of the scene.

A Haunted Library With Floating Books

a haunted library with floating books

Capture the eerie silence broken only by the soft whispers of turning pages. Illuminate each scene with ghostly, flickering candlelight that casts shifting shadows. Add a mystical charm with ancient, leather-bound volumes that levitate and drift aimlessly through the air.

A Cyberpunk Street Market

a cyberpunk street market

Visualize neon-lit stalls selling futuristic gadgets and exotic street food. Sketch characters in edgy, tech-enhanced outfits mingling and bartering. Capture the dynamic energy with glowing signs and holograms that add depth and intrigue to your scene.

A Serene Zen Garden With Koi Fish

a serene zen garden with koi fish

Capture the essence of tranquility by illustrating smooth stones, gentle ripples on water, and vibrant koi weaving through water lilies. Utilize soft, muted colors to evoke a sense of peace and reflection. Add depth to your digital drawing by experimenting with light and shadow effects to highlight the subtle beauty of nature in your serene Zen garden.

A Warrior Riding a Mythical Beast

a warrior riding a mythical beast

Visualize the warrior, clad in ornate armor, atop a creature born of fantasy—be it a dragon, griffin, or phoenix. Add dynamic elements like fluttering capes or fiery breath to inject motion and life into your scene. Consider the backdrop, whether a battle-scarred landscape or a mystical realm shrouded in mist, to complete the epic tableau.

A Vibrant Carnival At Night

a vibrant carnival at night

Capture the dazzling array of lights and colors reflecting off carnival rides and booths. Include lively characters enjoying games, rides, and tasty treats. Highlight the dynamic movement and energy, from swirling carousel horses to bustling crowds.

A Surreal Landscape With Floating Islands

a surreal landscape with floating islands

Imagine islands suspended in the sky, each with unique ecosystems and fantastical creatures. Clouds weave through the floating landscapes, casting shifting shadows that enhance the sense of depth and movement. This drawing challenges your creativity and technical skills in layering and perspective.