15 Things to Draw With Markers: Creative Ideas for Artists

Discover a variety of vibrant and imaginative things you can draw using markers.

Galaxy in a Coffee Cup

galaxy in a coffee cup

Imagine peering into your morning coffee and finding a swirling galaxy. This design marries the cosmic wonder of space with the familiar comfort of a coffee cup. Markers bring out vibrant nebulas and twinkling stars with dynamic colors.

Whimsical Garden

whimsical garden

Capture the charm of a magical garden using vibrant markers to highlight intricate flowers, twisting vines, and whimsical fairies hidden among the foliage. Add a touch of sparkle with metallic or glitter markers to mimic dewdrops or fairy dust. Play with scale by drawing oversized mushrooms or tiny garden tools, creating a playful perspective that invites imagination.

Glass Bottle Filled With Fireflies

glass bottle filled with fireflies

Capture the enchantment of a summer night by drawing a glass bottle brimming with glowing fireflies. Use bright yellow markers to make the fireflies pop against the dark interior of the bottle. Add a hint of shimmer around the light spots to enhance the magical ambiance.

Cityscape Silhouette At Sunset

cityscape silhouette at sunset

Capture the essence of a bustling city as the sun dips below the horizon. Use varying shades of oranges and purples to highlight the skyline against a fading sky. Emphasize dramatic contrasts between the dark, looming buildings and the vibrant sunset backdrop.

Layered Mountain Range

layered mountain range

Capture the majestic tranquility of nature by drawing a series of overlapping mountains. Each layer can feature different shades and textures to enhance depth. This composition allows for exploration of perspective and light, creating a serene landscape.

Underwater Scene With a Mermaid

underwater scene with a mermaid

Dive into vibrant hues as you sketch a mermaid nestled among coral reefs and colorful fish. Use markers to capture the shimmering scales and flowing hair that animate undersea life. Accentuate the scene with bubbles and dappled light effects to evoke a sense of underwater mystery.

Old-fashioned Carousel

old fashioned carousel

Capture the charm of a bygone era with vibrant markers illustrating the intricate details of an old-fashioned carousel. Highlight the ornate horses, gilded poles, and swirling canopy designs. Use a variety of shades to bring this nostalgic scene to life, emphasizing the playful and whimsical nature of the subject.

Graffiti-style Street Art Letters

graffiti style street art letters

Capture the vibrant energy of urban scenes by illustrating bold, colorful letters that mirror street wall artistry. Incorporate elements typical of graffiti, like drips, fades, and outlined shadows, to create depth and realism. This theme allows for the expression of messages or words that resonate personally, enhancing the artwork’s connection to the viewer.

Patterned Mandala

patterned mandala

A patterned mandala combines intricate designs and symmetrical shapes, making it a captivating subject for markers. The vibrant hues from the markers bring out the meditative quality of the mandala, emphasizing its beauty and complexity. This project offers a peaceful drawing experience that can also serve as a colorful piece of art.

Steampunk Animal

steampunk animal

A fusion of Victorian elegance and mechanical elements, this subject combines animals with gears, pipes, and metallic details. Imagine a lion with a mane of cogwheels or an owl whose feathers subtly transition into fine clockwork. This concept stimulates both creativity and technical skill, offering a challenging yet rewarding drawing project.

Neon-lit Diner Scene

neon lit diner scene

Capture the vibrant glow of neon lights spilling out from a retro diner. Illustrate bustling scenes through the windows, like patrons sipping milkshakes or a waitress on the move. Use contrasting shadows and bright colors to emphasize the lively, late-night atmosphere.

Surreal Floating Islands

surreal floating islands

This drawing invites you to blend fantasy with reality by illustrating islands that defy gravity. Use vibrant markers to highlight unique flora and whimsical structures perched atop these aerial landmasses. Play with the perspective to give viewers the illusion that they could step right into this floating world.

Abstract Burst of Colors

abstract burst of colors

Explore the vibrancy of markers with an abstract burst of colors. This concept allows for spontaneous expression through dynamic, bold strokes. Transform emotions into a vivid spectacle on paper.

Art Deco Inspired Portrait

art deco inspired portrait

Capture the elegance and symmetry of the 1920s and 1930s. Use bold geometric shapes and vibrant colors to highlight the unique fashion and architecture of the era. This subject blends history with style, making it a rich source of artistic inspiration.

Vintage Camera With Floral Details

vintage camera with floral details

Capture the charm of nostalgia by detailing an old-fashioned camera adorned with intricate floral patterns. Use vibrant markers to emphasize the contrast between the mechanical structure and the nature-inspired embellishments. This composition melds technology with nature, creating a delightful juxtaposition.