15 Autumn Drawing Easy Ideas for Creative Inspiration

Capture the cozy essence of fall with simple and charming drawing ideas perfect for artists of any skill level.

A Pile of Colorful Fallen Leaves

a pile of colorful fallen leaves

Capture autumn’s essence by focusing on a cluster of leaves in warm shades varying from burnt sienna to vibrant crimson. Consider incorporating various leaf shapes to add visual interest – think maple, oak, and birch silhouettes. Use light shading to give the leaves dimension and create the effect of a soft bed on the forest floor.

A Smiling Scarecrow With a Flannel Shirt

a smiling scarecrow with a flannel shirt

Capture the essence of fall by adding a welcoming smile to your scarecrow’s face. Dress it in a checkered flannel, evoking the cozy fabrics associated with autumn’s chill. With straw protruding from its sleeves and hat, this character becomes a charming symbol of the harvest season.

A Pumpkin Sitting On a Hay Bale

a pumpkin sitting on a hay bale

Capture the essence of autumn with a drawing of a round, cheerful pumpkin perched atop a textured hay bale. This classic image evokes the coziness of fall festivities and harvest time. The contrast between the smooth pumpkin and the rough hay creates a charming visual that’s simple yet evocative of the season.

A Row of Trees With Orange and Red Leaves

a row of trees with orange and red leaves

Capture the fiery hues of autumn with a simple line of trees adorned in vibrant oranges and reds. Give each tree a unique silhouette to echo the diversity of the fall landscape. Use shading to create depth, making your leafy scene pop with a three-dimensional feel.

An Acorn With a Textured Cap

an acorn with a textured cap

Capture the essence of fall with a simple acorn drawing, highlighting the rough texture of its cap that adds an interesting visual element. Contrast the smooth, oval body of the acorn against the intricate lines in the cap for a touch of realism. This iconic autumnal element adds a charming detail to any seasonal scene.

A Steaming Mug of Apple Cider

a steaming mug of apple cider

Capture the cozy essence of fall by sketching a steaming mug – wisps of steam dance upward, signaling warmth. Emphasize the mug’s roundness and handle, suggesting a comforting grip on a chilly day. Add a cinnamon stick or an apple slice garnish to hint at the inviting scent of spiced apple cider.

A Simple Cornucopia Overflowing With Autumn Fruits

a simple cornucopia overflowing with autumn fruits

Sketch an open-ended horn with a wide mouth to start your cornucopia. Fill the interior with doodles of apples, grapes, and gourds, spilling out towards the viewer. Add shading under the fruit for depth and texture, creating a bountiful harvest feel.

A Cute Squirrel Holding an Acorn

a cute squirrel holding an acorn

The squirrel, with its bushy tail curved gracefully, clutches a tiny acorn with determination. Its eyes sparkle with life, infusing the scene with a sense of playful mischief. This illustration captures the energetic essence of autumn’s foragers in a moment of charming simplicity.

A Pair of Well-worn Boots With Leaves Around Them

a pair of well worn boots with leaves around them

Capture the essence of fall with a drawing of time-softened boots among scattered leaves. This image evokes the comforting crunch of a leisurely walk through a carpet of autumn foliage. The boots and leaves together tell a story of crisp outdoor adventures and the passage of seasons.

A Cartoonish Owl Perched On a Bare Branch

a cartoonish owl perched on a bare branch

Capture the essence of autumn with an endearing sketch of an owl with exaggerated, large eyes revealing a touch of whimsy. Perch your owl on a naked branch, stark against a harvest moon backdrop, to evoke the serene chill of the fall season. Add a splash of color with rusty reds and warm golds on the owl’s feathers to contrast the simplicity of the branch.

A Simple Apple Pie With a Lattice Crust

a simple apple pie with a lattice crust

Capture the essence of fall by sketching a classic apple pie, topped with a woven lattice crust. Infuse warmth into your drawing by adding shades of golden brown and hints of cinnamon spice wafting from the pie. Illustrate a few apple slices peeking through the crust to create a homely and inviting scene.

A Knit Cap and Scarf Set

a knit cap and scarf set

Capture the coziness of fall with a doodle of a knit cap and scarf draped over a chair, suggesting a brisk day outside. Add patterns like zigzags or stripes to convey the texture of the knitwear. Shade lightly to give the illustration depth, imitating the soft, warm folds of the fabric.

A Cartoonish Fox Surrounded By Fall Foliage

a cartoonish fox surrounded by fall foliage

Capture the essence of fall with a whimsical rendition of a fox amidst a cascade of colorful leaves. The vibrant oranges, reds, and yellows create an enchanting backdrop, highlighting the fox’s playful character. This illustration invites a touch of autumn charm into any creative collection.

A Classic Red Barn With a Harvest Moon

a classic red barn with a harvest moon

Capture the rural charm by sketching the barn’s simple rectangular shape against a night sky. Highlight the scene with a luminous full moon casting a soft glow on the barn’s facade. Add depth with shadows to emphasize the moonlight’s effect on the barn’s environment.

A Cute Hedgehog Walking Through a Pile of Leaves

a cute hedgehog walking through a pile of leaves

Capture autumn’s essence with a sketch of a hedgehog ambling through fallen leaves, its spiky silhouette blending with nature’s carpet. Accentuate the scene with a palette of warm browns and golds, highlighting the leafy terrain. This charming visual narrative adds a touch of whimsy to the seasonal collection, evoking coziness and the gentle rustle of foliage.