15 Easy Things to Draw: Boost Your Creativity Instantly

Looking for easy drawing ideas? Here’s a list that’ll have your pencil dancing on the paper in no time!

Smiling Sun

smiling sun

Imagine a bright yellow sun with a big, friendly smile shining in the sky. It adds a cheerful vibe to any artwork. Drawing a smiling sun can instantly lift your spirits and make you feel happy. It’s a simple yet effective way to spread some positivity in your drawings.

Balloon Dog

balloon dog

Imagine drawing a fun and playful balloon dog with simple shapes and lines. This adorable creation can add a whimsical touch to your artwork. Experiment with different colors to make your balloon dog uniquely yours.

Cartoon Cat

cartoon cat

Imagine drawing a playful and whimsical cartoon cat with big expressive eyes and a mischievous smile. This fun and adorable character can add personality to your artwork and spark joy. Experiment with different colors and shapes to create your own unique feline friend.

Ice Cream Cone

ice cream cone

An ice cream cone is a fun and colorful drawing, perfect for beginners. It involves simple shapes and lines to create a delicious treat on paper. This idea allows for creativity with different flavors and toppings.

Simple Tree

simple tree

Imagine drawing a basic tree with just a few lines and simple shapes. Tree. Its simplicity makes it a perfect starting point for beginner artists. It’s a great way to practice drawing nature elements.

Cute Snail

cute snail

The cute snail can be a charming addition to your drawing collection. Its soft curves and happy expression make it a delightful subject to sketch. With its simple form and features, it’s an enjoyable choice for artists of all skill levels.

Tiny House

tiny house

A tiny house drawing is a great way to practice creating small details and perspective. It allows you to experiment with different shapes and proportions on a miniature scale. Drawing a tiny house can be a fun challenge to work on your precision and neatness in your artwork.

Starry Night

starry night

Starry night is a beautiful and calming drawing idea that allows you to play with different shades of blue and white to create a serene night sky scene filled with twinkling stars. This concept is perfect for beginners as it involves simple techniques like blending colors and creating star patterns using various drawing tools. You can personalize your starry night drawing by adding elements like a crescent moon, silhouetted trees, or even a distant city skyline to make it uniquely yours.

Water Drops

water drops

Doodling water drops can add depth to your artwork. Incorporating water drops can create a sense of realism. Water drops can enhance the overall look of your drawing.

Funny Ghost

funny ghost

A funny ghost drawing adds a playful touch to your art collection. It’s a light-hearted and charming design to bring a smile to your face. This whimsical character can be personalized with your own creative touches.

Coffee Cup

coffee cup

A coffee cup drawing is a fun and simple idea for beginner artists to practice basic shapes and lines. It allows you to play with different patterns and designs to make your artwork unique. This idea is perfect for sketching during your coffee break!



Rainbows are a colorful and fun element to add to your drawings, bringing a burst of joy to any artwork. They symbolize positivity, happiness, and hope, making them a great addition to any simple drawing. Easily achievable with basic drawing tools, rainbows can brighten up any sketch or doodle.

Little Bee

little bee

The Little bee drawing idea involves capturing the essence of this tiny pollinator in a simple and adorable way. It focuses on showcasing the bee’s distinctive features in a cute and engaging manner. This idea is perfect for adding a touch of nature and whimsy to your art collection.

Peace Sign

peace sign

A peace sign is a universally recognized symbol for harmony and unity. Its simple design makes it an easy and meaningful drawing for all ages. Adding colors or patterns can give your peace sign a personal touch.

Basic Robot

basic robot

A basic robot is a straightforward creation for beginner artists, incorporating simple shapes and lines to form a futuristic character. This idea allows for creativity in adding details like buttons, antennas, and wheels to personalize the robot. Drawing a basic robot provides a fun and engaging way to explore geometric shapes and symmetry in art.

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