15 Drawing Ideas for Kids Age 10

This article provides a variety of drawing ideas that are perfect for kids around age ten, fostering creativity and skill development.

Space Adventure With Aliens and Rockets

space adventure with aliens and rockets

Capture the thrill of a space journey by drawing a rocket blasting through star-studded skies. Populate the scene with friendly, colorful aliens to spark creativity. Include planets and stars of various shapes and sizes, encouraging exploration of galactic landscapes.

Underwater Scene With Mermaids and Treasure

underwater scene with mermaids and treasure

Kids can dive into a colorful underwater world, sketching various magical mermaids surrounded by deep-sea treasures. They can add vibrant coral, schools of exotic fish, and mysterious sunken ships to flesh out the scene. Encourage the addition of hidden gems and ancient artifacts scattered across the ocean floor to spark a sense of mystery and exploration.

Dinosaur Park Adventure

dinosaur park adventure

Imagine a scene bustling with a variety of dinosaurs – towering long-necks grazing among lush prehistoric foliage, while swift raptors dart through the underbrush. Juxtapose these ancient beasts with modern elements, such as a group of kids exploring the park, equipped with maps and binoculars. Add interactive elements like a fossil dig site or a volcanic eruption in the background for dynamic action.

Fantasy Castle With Dragons and Knights

fantasy castle with dragons and knights

Imagine towering spires and majestic battlements as the backdrop for thrilling encounters. Brave knights clad in shining armor stand ready to defend their realm from fiery dragons. Each drawing becomes a tale of courage and adventure, igniting the imagination of young artists.

Superhero Saving a City

superhero saving a city

Imagine a bold hero soaring above skyscrapers to thwart evildoers. Kids can unleash their creativity by designing unique costumes and gadgets for their character. This scene sparks imagination about heroism and the importance of helping others.

Magical Forest With Unicorns and Fairies

magical forest with unicorns and fairies

Populate your forest with glittering fairies and majestic unicorns, each adding a spark of enchantment. Introduce vibrant colors and whimsical elements like glowing flowers and mystical ponds. Encourage kids to depict interactions between the creatures, fostering a scene bustling with magical activity.

Time Travel Machine Visiting Ancient Egypt

time travel machine visiting ancient egypt

Picture a machine, crafted from gears and dials, that whisks kids away to the pyramids and sphinxes of ancient Egypt. They’ll sketch scenes featuring pharaohs, chariots, and hieroglyph-covered walls. This journey introduces a historical setting in a fun, engaging way.

Haunted House With Friendly Ghosts

haunted house with friendly ghosts

Populate your haunted mansion with jovial spirits who play tricks rather than scare. Include secret doors and hidden rooms that reveal historical treasures or funny ghostly residents. Accentuate with moonlit skies, creaking staircases, and playful whispers to bring this eerie yet whimsical scene to life.

Safari With Wild Animals and Jeeps

safari with wild animals and jeeps

Kids can draw a thrilling scene filled with diverse wildlife like elephants, lions, and giraffes observed from the safety of rugged jeeps. They can add details such as binoculars, cameras, and maps to enhance the exploratory vibe. Including various terrains like grasslands and waterholes will bring the safari to life.

Pirate Ship in Search of Hidden Islands

pirate ship in search of hidden islands

Kids can draw a pirate ship with tattered sails braving the rough seas. They can add mystery by including hidden islands in the background, waiting to be discovered. Sketching colorful parrots and a crew of diverse pirates adds life and vibrancy to the scene.

Futuristic City With Flying Cars

futuristic city with flying cars

Imagine zooming above skyscrapers in sleek, aerodynamic vehicles. Neon lights and holograms illuminate the buildings, creating a vibrant, technological wonderland. This scene invites children to explore advanced technology and innovative designs through their artwork.

Secret Garden With Talking Flowers

secret garden with talking flowers

Children can draw colorful flowers with faces, each expressing different emotions. They might add a winding path and butterflies that lead to a hidden door in a tree. This creates a mystical vibe, bustling with the secret lives of plants.

Circus With Clowns and Acrobats

circus with clowns and acrobats

Children can draw a vibrant tent bustling with activity. Inside, acrobats swing from high trapezes and clowns juggle colorful balls. The bustling crowd adds excitement and movement to the scene.

Candy Land With Edible Landscapes

candy land with edible landscapes

Imagine a world where mountains are made of marshmallows and rivers flow with chocolate. Kids can draw gumdrop trees and candy cane fences to border their sugary scene. This playful theme encourages whimsy and creativity in their artwork.

Race Car Track With Speedy Competitions

race car track with speedy competitions

Kids can draw a thrilling race track, complete with sharp turns and cheering crowds. They can include colorful racing cars vying for the lead position. Adding details like checkered flags and pit stops will bring their racetrack to life.