15 Horror Creepy Things to Draw: Unleash Your Dark Creativity

Unleash your darkest pencils and let’s sketch out a collection of horror-themed drawing ideas that will send shivers down your spine.

A Shadowy Figure in a Mist-filled Forest

a shadowy figure in a mist filled forest

Imagine a mysterious, dark figure blending into the mist of a dense forest. This eerie scene sets a chilling tone for your horror drawing. The shadowy figure evokes a sense of foreboding and unknown danger lurking in the woods. Incorporating details like twisted trees and swirling fog adds to the haunting atmosphere.

An Old, Crooked Doll With Mismatched Eyes

an old crooked doll with mismatched eyes

Immerse yourself in the eerie world of horror art by drawing an unsettling, old doll with eyes that seem to follow you wherever you go. Capture the doll’s twisted, eerie presence with gnarled limbs and a cracked porcelain face. Let the mismatched eyes convey a sense of unease and mystery, adding a chilling touch to your artwork.

A Ghostly Apparition in a Mirror

a ghostly apparition in a mirror

Capturing a chilling moment frozen in time, the ghostly apparition in a mirror creates an eerie reflection of the supernatural. The distorted figure peering back from the reflective surface sends shivers down the spine, evoking a sense of unease and mystery. This unsettling image conjures up a haunting presence, blurring the line between the physical and the supernatural.

A Hand Reaching Out From Beneath a Bed

  • Imagine a hand emerging mysteriously from under a bed, sending shivers down your spine.
  • The idea plays on primal fears of the unknown and unseen lurking in the darkness.
  • It evokes a sense of unease and sets a haunting tone for a spooky drawing.

An Old Victorian House With Eyes in the Windows

an old victorian house with eyes in the windows

In the drawing of an old Victorian house with eyes in the windows, the eerie gaze adds a spooky twist to the classic architecture. The eyes seem to follow you as you gaze upon the haunted house, creating a feeling of unease and mystery. This unsettling image can evoke a sense of foreboding and curiosity in your artwork.

A Creepy Clown Hiding Behind a Tattered Curtain

a creepy clown hiding behind a tattered curtain

Peek behind a musty curtain to uncover a chilling sight; a creepy clown waits, its painted smile unnerving. The torn fabric barely conceals the figure’s eerie presence, creating a suspenseful scene. A mix of curiosity and fear grips the viewer as they contemplate the clown’s intentions.

An Ancient Book With Tentacles Emerging From Its Pages

an ancient book with tentacles emerging from its pages

Imagine an ancient book that seems normal at first glance but has a creepy twist — tentacles slithering out from between its pages, adding a sinister touch to an ordinary object. The tentacles bring an element of horror and mystery to the scene, making viewers question what lies within the book’s pages and what dark secrets it might hold. This idea combines the familiarity of a book with the otherworldly horror of tentacles, creating a unique and intriguing image that sparks the imagination.

A Decrepit Graveyard Under a Full Moon

a decrepit graveyard under a full moon

Imagine a spooky graveyard at night, illuminated by a full moon. Visualize the eerie atmosphere and the ancient tombstones. Picture the shadows stretching across the uneven ground.

An Eerie Porcelain Mask With a Sinister Smile

an eerie porcelain mask with a sinister smile

In a dimly lit room, picture a porcelain mask with a twisted grin, emitting an unsettling aura. Its eyes seem to follow you as you move, sending shivers down your spine. This macabre creation adds a chilling touch to your art collection.

A Decrepit Bridge With Ghostly Figures Underneath

a decrepit bridge with ghostly figures underneath

Picture a dilapidated bridge with eerie spectral figures lurking below, ready to send chills down your spine. The ghostly presence adds a layer of creepiness and mystery to your artwork. Capturing this haunting scene can evoke a sense of dread and unease in your audience.

A Swamp Creature Lurking Below the Water’s Surface

a swamp creature lurking below the waters surface

An eerie swamp creature lurks beneath the murky waters, its glowing eyes a haunting presence in the darkness. Its slimy, scaled skin glistens with a malevolent intent, ready to strike at any unsuspecting prey. The ominous ripples on the surface hint at the creature’s unsettling movements below.

A Haunted Tree With Faces in the Bark

a haunted tree with faces in the bark

Within the eerie landscape of horror drawings, imagine a haunted tree with twisted faces on its bark, each one silently watching. The faces seem to shift and change, whispering ominous secrets to those who dare to look closely. This chilling concept adds a spine-tingling element to your artwork, drawing viewers into a world of supernatural mystery.

An Old Well With Whispers Emanating From Within

an old well with whispers emanating from within

Imagine capturing the chilling essence of a haunted well on paper, emanating whispers that send shivers down your spine. Delve into the eerie depths of your imagination to bring this sinister scene to life. Infuse your artwork with an air of mystery and malevolence, capturing the essence of a dark secret lurking within.

A Monstrous Shadow Cast By a Seemingly Normal Person

a monstrous shadow cast by a seemingly normal person

Imagine drawing a monstrous shadow looming behind a regular person, adding an eerie and unsettling element to your artwork. This concept plays with light and dark contrasts, creating a sense of unease and mystery in your piece. It can evoke a feeling of dread, making your drawing captivating and chilling to behold.

A Creepy, Long Corridor With Doors Slightly Ajar

a creepy long corridor with doors slightly ajar

Picture a chilling corridor, its doors ajar, teasing glimpses of what lies beyond. The creaking floorboards whisper with unseen presence. Each open door hints at unknown horrors lurking within.