15 Creative Background Ideas for Drawing

Discover a variety of background concepts for your drawings that will bring depth and interest to your artistic endeavors.

Underwater Cityscape

underwater cityscape

Immerse your canvas in an aquatic metropolis, where coral towers and schools of colorful fish glide between homes and businesses. Let the play of light through water set a dazzling, shifting backdrop, creating a sense of depth and mystery. Introduce remnants of a sunken world, with everyday objects mingling with marine life, to merge the familiar with the fantastical.

Steampunk Airship Hangar

steampunk airship hangar

Picture a cavernous structure brimming with brass and iron, where airships of all shapes loom overhead, tethered by thick ropes. Gears and pulleys clank amidst a symphony of steam, while crews busily prepare for their next skyward adventure. Amidst it all, catwalks criss-cross between the vessels, offering a bird’s-eye view of this industrial ballet.

Post-apocalyptic Highway

post apocalyptic highway

The scene reveals a desolate stretch of road, lined with the remnants of abandoned cars and crumbling infrastructure. Overhead, weathered signage swings precariously, hinting at a world that once thrived before chaos ensued. Nature creeps back with tenacity, as hardy plants break through the asphalt, reclaiming the land.

Enchanted Forest Clearing

enchanted forest clearing

Picture a tranquil glade bathed in dappled sunlight, where mythical creatures might roam. Twisting vines, ancient trees, and a carpet of lush ferns set the stage for magic and mystery. Fleeting glimpses of fairies or woodland spirits add an air of wonder, beckoning the artist to capture their elusive beauty.

Alien Planet Bioluminescent Jungle

alien planet bioluminescent jungle

Glowing plants and alien flora cast eerie lights, carving out a mystical glow against the night sky. This jungle thrums with the life of unseen creatures, their eyes twinkling like stars amidst the foliage. Vines and towering mushrooms stretch upwards, painting a scene straight out of a science fiction saga.

Retro-futuristic Cyberpunk Street

retro futuristic cyberpunk street

Illuminate your canvas with neon signs and holographic billboards that cast a vibrant glow on the bustling street below. Sketch out pedestrians adorned with cybernetic enhancements amidst autonomous vehicles and noodle stands. Intertwine the old with the new by adding classic architecture with a high-tech twist, showcasing a city that’s both nostalgic and forward-thinking.

Abandoned Amusement Park

abandoned amusement park

Weathered roller coasters silhouette against a brooding sky, conveying a sense of nostalgic desolation. Faded, peeling colors of old game stalls add a touch of eerie whimsy to the scene. Overgrown paths and deserted carousel horses evoke stories untold, frozen in time.

Mountain Temple in the Clouds

mountain temple in the clouds

Perched above a sea of clouds, the temple offers a serene retreat, untouched by worldly chaos. Its silhouette, bathed in the golden light of dawn, provides a focal point that evokes peace and spirituality. Mist wraps around the mountain’s base, lending an air of mystery and making the temple appear as if floating on a celestial plane.

Victorian London Alleyway

victorian london alleyway

Capture the essence of the 19th century with cobblestone paths and fog-enshrouded gas lamps illuminating the scene. Sketch in shadowy figures lurking near brick buildings, adding a sense of mystery and intrigue. Incorporate period details like horse-drawn carriages and wrought iron railings for a touch of historical authenticity.

Floating Islands With Waterfalls

floating islands with waterfalls

Suspended landmasses cascade water into the cloud-wisped abyss below. Lush greenery blankets each surface, adding life to the serene majesty of the scene. Bridges and pathways connect these floating wonders, inviting exploration and adventure.

Ancient Ruins Overgrown With Vines

ancient ruins overgrown with vines

Crumbling columns and stone facades entwined with green tendrils provide a dramatic backdrop hinting at a civilization long forgotten. The contrast between nature’s persistent growth and the decay of man-made structures tells a visual story of time’s passage. Artists can explore a palette of earthy tones and textures, breathing life into the scene with dappled sunlight filtering through the foliage.

Arctic Research Base With Auroras

arctic research base with auroras

Capture the awe-inspiring dance of the aurora borealis above a stark, ice-encased facility. Illustrate the contrast between the warm, glowing lights of the base against the cold, arctic expanse. Pepper the scene with details like snowdrifts, scientific equipment, and bundled-up researchers for authenticity.

Rooftop Garden At Sunset

rooftop garden at sunset

Golden rays cast soft shadows among a tapestry of greenery as the sun dips below the horizon. The silhouettes of aromatic herbs and vibrant flowers dance in the mild evening breeze. Nearby, the gentle hum of city life provides a harmonious backdrop to this serene urban oasis.

Lush Greenhouse Full of Exotic Plants

lush greenhouse full of exotic plants

Vibrant foliage and flowers cascade from hanging baskets, creating a tapestry of textures and hues. Sunlight filters through the glass, casting dappled shadows alongside the pathways lined with planters. Butterflies and exotic birds add animated bursts of color, enhancing the sense of a living, breathing ecosystem.

Desert Oasis With a Mirage

desert oasis with a mirage

Picture a serene haven amidst dunes, complete with palm trees and a tranquil pool reflecting the clear blue sky. Visual trickery is at play as heat shimmers create the illusion of water where sand reigns supreme. The contrast between the vibrant life at the oasis and the barren desert surroundings sparks a storytelling charm.