15 Dark Drawings Ideas to Inspire Your Artistic Side

This article provides a selection of dark drawing ideas to inspire your next moody and expressive artwork.

Abandoned Amusement Park At Night

abandoned amusement park at night

Rusted rides and faded funhouse murals cast eerie shadows under the moonlight. The soft creaking of the Ferris wheel in the wind echoes a haunting tune. A dense fog rolls in, shrouding the desolate grounds in a ghostly veil.

Shadowy Figures in a Foggy Forest

shadowy figures in a foggy forest

The scene captures multiple indistinct shapes emerging through dense mist, enhancing the air of mystery and suspense. Each figure, barely visible and eerily silent, seems to drift between the trees as if guarding a secret deep within the woods. The subtle interplay of light and shadow makes the entire drawing pulsate with an unnerving life of its own.

Victorian House With Ghostly Silhouettes in Windows

victorian house with ghostly silhouettes in windows

The eerie glow from the windows hints at the restless spirits trapped within. Each silhouette appears frozen in time, adding layers of tragic history. The dilapidated facade enhances the chilling effect, invoking a sense of forgotten tales.

Creature Lurking Under a Child’s Bed

creature lurking under a childs bed

Long, twisted shadows stretch across the room as faint, eerie whispers fill the air. Two gleaming eyes peek from the darkness under the bed, setting a chilling scene. The creature’s subtle movements suggest it’s ready to emerge, heightening the suspense.

Decayed Angel Statues in an Overgrown Cemetery

decayed angel statues in an overgrown cemetery

Weathered stone and crumbling wings convey a sense of forgotten glory amidst thick ivy and moss. The angels’ solemn expressions add a haunting beauty, creating a stark contrast with the vibrant wildflowers that encroach their space. As dusk sets, their shadows cast eerie figures, enhancing the spooky ambiance of the scene.

Haunted Doll Staring From an Old Attic Window

haunted doll staring from an old attic window

The doll’s glassy eyes fix on an unseen presence outside, adding a sense of eerie watchfulness. Its faded, frilly dress and cracked porcelain skin enhance the feeling of ancient secrets and untold stories. Placed in the shadowy recesses of the cluttered attic, it casts an unsettling aura, as if it were silently guarding the room.

An Old Book With Tentacles Emerging From the Pages

an old book with tentacles emerging from the pages

This eerie image captures the moment ancient knowledge takes a monstrous form. The tentacles, writhing and alive, symbolize forbidden secrets escaping their bindings. It hints at the darker truths lurking beneath the surface of the mundane.

Silhouette of a Lone Person Holding an Umbrella Under a Streetlight

silhouette of a lone person holding an umbrella under a streetlight

The scene casts a mysterious, almost melancholic vibe, as the dim light casts shadows that blend with the darkness. The solitary figure, obscured yet central, evokes a sense of solitude and contemplation. Raindrops captured in the streetlight’s glow add a shimmering texture, enhancing the overall eerie atmosphere.

Forest of Twisted Trees With Glowing Eyes Among the Branches

forest of twisted trees with glowing eyes among the branches

In this eerie scene, twisted branches form sinuous silhouettes against a murky sky. Glowing eyes sporadically pierce the darkness, suggesting hidden watchers. The atmosphere pulses with an almost tangible suspense, reinforcing the clandestine presence within the woods.

Gothic Cathedral At Midnight With Ravens Flying Around

gothic cathedral at midnight with ravens flying around

The moon casts a ghostly glow on the cathedral’s spires, enhancing the eerie atmosphere. Ravens circle the steeples, their black wings stark against the silver sky. The scene’s haunting beauty makes it a perfect fit for dark-themed art.

Abandoned Hospital With Flickering Lights

abandoned hospital with flickering lights

The dim corridors stretch seemingly endlessly, punctuated by intermittent bursts of light that briefly reveal stained walls and overturned gurneys. Each flicker hints at shadows shifting just beyond clear sight, stirring a sense of unseen presences. The atmosphere is thick with tension, as if every echo and creak tells a ghostly tale.

A Ghost Ship Sailing On Stormy Seas Under a Full Moon

a ghost ship sailing on stormy seas under a full moon

The vessel, shrouded in mist, cuts through the tempestuous waves, its timeworn sails flapping wildly. Lightning illuminates the decrepit deck sporadically, revealing no crew aboard yet somehow navigating the treacherous waters. Above, the ominous glow of the full moon casts ghostly reflections on the churning sea, enhancing the eerie mood.

A Secluded Cabin Surrounded By Lurking Wolves in the Snow

a secluded cabin surrounded by lurking wolves in the snow

The isolated cabin casts eerie shadows against the stark, snowy landscape, enhancing the sense of solitude and danger. Surrounding the structure, the wolves’ eyes glint menacingly, reflecting their intense curiosity and hunger. This tableau invokes a chilling narrative of survival and the menacing beauty of nature.

An Ancient Underground City Lit By Torches With Mysterious Shadows

an ancient underground city lit by torches with mysterious shadows

Flickering torches cast long, uncertain shadows across ancient stone walls. Eerie echoes fill the labyrinthine passageways, hinting at forgotten legends. Each corner holds a secret, challenging viewers to decipher tales lost to time.

A Tattered Scarecrow in a Field During a Thunderstorm

a tattered scarecrow in a field during a thunderstorm

Lightning illuminates the scarecrow’s weather-beaten fabric, casting eerie shadows across the empty field. As the storm intensifies, its limbs flutter wildly, mimicking life in the fierce wind. Each thunderclap adds a sense of drama, enhancing the scarecrow’s ghostly presence.