15 Procreate Drawing Ideas to Inspire Your Next Creation

Discover innovative drawing ideas for Procreate to enhance your digital art skills.

Underwater Cityscape

underwater cityscape

Visualize submerged skyscrapers encrusted with coral and schools of colorful fish weaving through the streets. Imagine the play of light as sunbeams penetrate the water, illuminating the ancient yet vibrant underwater architecture. Think about including hidden treasures or mysterious ruins to add an element of adventure to your cityscape.

Futuristic Garden With Alien Plants

futuristic garden with alien plants

Visualize vibrantly colored plants with bizarre, twisting shapes that defy earthly biology. Imagine delicate, glowing foliage that interacts with the other elements in your drawing, creating a dynamic, ever-shifting tableau. Incorporate floating elements or bioluminescent features to add depth and a surreal quality to the environment.

A Bustling Night Market Scene

a bustling night market scene

Capture the vibrant chaos of a night market, with stalls illuminated under strings of bright lights. Sketch various vendors, each selling exotic foods or handmade crafts, animated by haggling customers. Infuse the scene with life by adding details like steam rising from hot dishes and the diverse expressions of the crowd.

Abstract Geometric Animal Portraits

abstract geometric animal portraits

Explore the fusion of animal forms with bold geometry to create vibrant artwork. These pieces intrigue by abstracting familiar shapes into unexpected, striking patterns. Each portrait can highlight the essence of the animal through a creative interplay of lines and colors.

A Serene Zen Garden With Koi Fish

a serene zen garden with koi fish

Incorporate tranquil elements like smooth stones, raked sand patterns, and gently swaying bamboo to imbue a sense of peace. Populate the water with gracefully swimming koi, vibrant in color, enhancing the garden’s soothing aesthetic. Utilize soft, muted color palettes and subtle light effects to simulate sunlight filtering through leaves, creating a reflective, meditative environment.

Steampunk Airship in Flight

steampunk airship in flight

Visualize brass and copper components entwined with steam-powered engines, hovering amidst wispy clouds. Add intricate details like spinning gears and fluttering propellers to bring this fantasy to life. Contrast the mechanical complexity with a panoramic sky, accentuating the old-world charm meeting the boundless freedom of flight.

A Multicultural Celebration With Traditional Dances

a multicultural celebration with traditional dances

Capture the vibrant energy of dancers dressed in colorful, traditional outfits. Illustrate the dynamic movements and expressions, portraying the joy and cultural significance of each dance. Use textures and patterns to reflect the intricate costumes and festive atmosphere of the scene.

A Retro-futuristic Diner On Mars

a retro futuristic diner on mars

Picture chrome accents and neon lights complementing a classic 50s diner set against the dusty red plains of Mars. Robotic waitstaff serve cosmic milkshakes under dome-shaped windows showcasing the Martian landscape. Retro rockets and hover cars sit parked outside, adding to the space-age nostalgia.

Scenes From a Mythical Creature’s Diary

scenes from a mythical creatures diary

Visualize detailed entries filled with the daily adventures of a centaur, a dragon, or a mermaid. Each page could reveal an interaction with other fantasy beings, depicting both conflicts and friendships. Blend vibrant colors and textures to bring to life the emotions and settings of this mythical world.

A High-speed Chase in a Neon-lit City

a high speed chase in a neon lit city

Capture the electric blur of speeding vehicles against a backdrop of towering skyscrapers bathed in neon colors. Infuse the artwork with dynamic lines and light streaks to evoke movement and speed. Depict onlookers and other street elements in shadows to contrast with the vivid lights and action.

An Enchanted Forest With Glowing Flowers

an enchanted forest with glowing flowers

Visualize trees towering into a star-studded sky, their bark shimmering with hints of mystical hues. The forest floor is carpeted with flowers that emit a soft, luminous glow, creating a pathway of light. Fireflies add a dynamic sparkle, enhancing the magical ambiance.

A Vintage Map Complete With Mythical Lands

a vintage map complete with mythical lands

Explore the creation of an old-world style map filled with lands of legend and lore. Each region can boast its own fantastical creatures and enchanted landscapes. Embellish with compass roses, ornate border designs, and aged paper textures to give it an authentic, ancient feel.

A Post-apocalyptic Landscape With Lush Vegetation

a post apocalyptic landscape with lush vegetation

Explore contrasts by illustrating overgrown ruins with vibrant greens and dense foliage swarming dilapidated buildings. Capture the resilience of nature as it reclaims urban spaces, with wild flora intertwining through shattered windows and cracked walls. Highlight the juxtaposition of human artifacts, such as rusting vehicles, ensnared by thriving, unchecked natural life.

A Dance of the Aurora Borealis in a Polar Setting

a dance of the aurora borealis in a polar setting

Capture the mesmerizing swirls of the aurora borealis above a stark, icy landscape. Use vibrant greens and purples to contrast against the stark whites and blues of the polar ice. Enhance the scene with silhouettes of polar wildlife, adding life and movement to the peaceful backdrop.

A City Skyline Viewed Through a Rain-soaked Window

a city skyline viewed through a rain soaked window

Capture the blurred, shimmering lights as rain trails down the glass, distorting the buildings beyond. Highlight the contrast of warm, cozy interiors against the cool, dreary exterior. Use muted colors with occasional bright spots to mimic the fleeting clarity of city lights through wet glass.