15 Simple Easy Small Drawings Ideas for Fun and Relaxation

Discover a range of simple, small drawing ideas to spark your creativity and enhance your artistic skills.

Smiling Sun

smiling sun

Capture joy with a simple depiction of a beaming face within a classic sun outline. The radiating lines symbolize warmth and brighten any canvas with minimal effort. This design infuses cheer into greeting cards, journal pages, or small canvases.

Cloud With Raindrops

cloud with raindrops

Capture the essence of a rainy day with just a few pencil strokes by sketching a plump, fluffy cloud. Add dimension to your drawing with various sized raindrops falling gently from its base. This design offers a classic, charming symbol of nature’s cycle, perfect for embellishing personal journals or homemade greeting cards.

Cupcake With a Cherry On Top

cupcake with a cherry on top

Capture the essence of sweetness in your sketchbook with this delightful treat. A few lines create the base, while swirls on top mimic icing, and a single circle crowns your confection. This miniature delight brings a touch of whimsy to your collection of drawings.

Crescent Moon With Stars

crescent moon with stars

A crescent moon cradled by a smattering of stars creates a serene night sky scene. This drawing captures the enchantment of the celestial and is easily achieved with a few curved lines for the moon and dots for the stars. Perfect for adding a touch of cosmic beauty to any small space, it’s ideal for artists starting their journey into nightscapes.

Simple Tree With Leaves

simple tree with leaves

A basic tree drawing starts with a trunk and branches, expanding into an array of leaves. Shapes like ovals or simple lines can represent leaves, adding life to the sketch. This motif conveys growth and nature, ideal for themes related to the environment or spring.

Traditional Sailboat

traditional sailboat

A traditional sailboat drawing captures the essence of maritime adventure in a few simple strokes. Its iconic sail and hull shape make it instantly recognizable and it is adaptable to various artistic styles and skill levels. This image can serve as a standalone piece or be integrated into a larger seascape.

Balloon With a String

balloon with a string

Capture the buoyancy of joy with a sketched balloon tethered by a single, flowing string. This design’s simplicity makes it a versatile addition to whimsical scenes or as a standalone symbol of celebration. The gentle curves of the balloon paired with the delicate line of the string can add a touch of whimsy to any small drawing collection.

Ice Cream Cone

ice cream cone

Capture the essence of summer treats with a simple sketch of an ice cream cone. Use soft curves to create the scoop and add diagonal lines for the waffle texture. This whimsical drawing can spark joy and nostalgia with its playful and recognizable shape.

Cartoon Fish

cartoon fish

With a few swift strokes, a cartoon fish comes to life, adorned with oversized eyes and a smile for an added touch of whimsy. Its exaggerated fins and tail enhance its playful character, offering a cheerful addition to any small drawing collection. Such a design is perfect for those eager to infuse a bit of humor and personality into their artwork.

Tulip in a Pot

tulip in a pot

A potted tulip can add a touch of nature to your small drawing collection. Its simple lines and vibrant colors bring a cheerful element to the paper. It symbolizes the arrival of spring and evokes a sense of renewal and growth.

Ladybug On a Leaf

ladybug on a leaf

A ladybug on a leaf drawing captures the charm of nature in a minimalist design. The contrasting spots of the ladybug against the green backdrop make for a vibrant, yet uncomplicated composition. This subject is ideal for those seeking to add a touch of whimsy to their collection of small, easy drawings.

Sliced Apple

sliced apple

Capture the essence of a juicy favorite by rendering a sliced apple, portrayed with a simple outline and a few inner lines to suggest texture. Highlight its freshness through minimal shading, allowing the white space of the paper to represent the apple’s fleshy interior. This drawing is perfect for practicing symmetry and exploring the use of negative space.

Small Campfire

small campfire

A small campfire drawing captures the warmth and simplicity of outdoor life. Depicting a few logs and gently curved flames can create a cozy and inviting image. Adding a few lines for crackling wood or floating embers can give your campfire a touch of animated charm.

Teapot Steaming

teapot steaming

Capture the essence of a cozy moment with a steaming teapot drawing, symbolizing warmth and comfort. Use simple curved lines for the pot and add wavy lines above to indicate steam. Personalize the design by adding patterns or a favorite quote to the body of the teapot.

Mountain Range

mountain range

Capturing the majesty of nature, a simple illustration of a mountain range can be both serene and impressive. Its peak and valley lines offer a sense of dimension and space, making even the smallest drawing feel grand. This image can also serve as a tranquil element in a larger composition or as a standalone piece for those who appreciate the quiet beauty of the great outdoors.