15 Easy Drawings Ideas to Spark Your Creativity

Discover a range of easy drawing ideas perfect for beginners looking to improve their artistic skills.

Smiling Sun

smiling sun

A smiling sun drawing brings a cheerful vibe to any beginner’s sketchpad. It requires only simple curves and circles, making it accessible for artists of all ages. This motif can brighten up homemade greeting cards or playful room decor.

Cupcake With Sprinkles

cupcake with sprinkles

This drawing captures the whimsy of a cupcake topped with colorful sprinkles. Ideal for beginners, it requires only basic shapes and a touch of creativity for the sprinkle details. The playful subject is perfect for adding a sweet touch to any art collection or greeting card.

Simple Tree With Apples

simple tree with apples

A simple tree adorned with apples serves as a delightful subject for novice artists. By including basic shapes like circles for apples and a trunk with branches, it teaches the fundamentals of proportion and placement. This drawing also allows for playful color application, enhancing visual interest and engagement.

Cartoon Bee

cartoon bee

Drawing a cartoon bee introduces a playful element to your sketchbook. Its round, fluffy body and exaggerated features make it accessible for artists of all skill levels. This cheerful character can add a touch of whimsy to any collection of drawings.

Umbrella With Raindrops

umbrella with raindrops

Capture the essence of a rainy day in just a few strokes with this simple drawing. Depict the curved handle and rounded canopy, topped with playful drops to suggest falling rain. This imagery instantly evokes the cozy, tranquil feeling often associated with a gentle shower.

Sleepy Cat

sleepy cat

A Sleepy Cat drawing captures the essence of serenity and comfort, ideal for beginners. It involves simple lines and curves to depict a cat curled up in a peaceful nap. This image can add a touch of warmth and charm to any collection of easy drawings.

Book Stack

book stack

A book stack drawing captures the charm of a personal library. This design can symbolize knowledge, learning, and the joy of reading. It’s an excellent choice for those who cherish literature.

Basic House

basic house

A basic house drawing focuses on simple geometric shapes: squares and triangles. It’s an excellent exercise in symmetry and proportion, showing how roofs align with walls. This theme also allows for creativity, as you can add windows, doors, or even a chimney.

Cloud With Lightning

cloud with lightning

This drawing captures a dynamic scene of nature unleashing its power. You’ll sketch a fluffy cloud with jagged lines zigzagging downwards to represent lightning. It’s a fantastic way to practice depicting energy and movement in your artwork.

Ice Cream Cone

ice cream cone

An ice cream cone drawing captures the joy of summertime treats. It’s identifiable by its iconic conical shape topped with rounded scoops. This simple sketch encourages experimentation with various patterns and colors for the ice cream flavors.

Floating Balloon

floating balloon

A floating balloon drawing captures the essence of lightness and joy. Its simple, round shape topped with a triangle for the string makes it suitable for beginner artists. This subject is versatile, perfect for adding a playful touch to any piece of art.

Crescent Moon With Stars

crescent moon with stars

The crescent moon with stars is a charming drawing choice for beginners. Its simple curves and minimalistic star details encourage easy customization. Ideal for practice, this design adds a touch of whimsy to any novice artist’s collection.

Friendly Ghost

friendly ghost

A friendly ghost drawing evokes a playful and light-hearted feel, perfect for beginner artists. With just a few swoops and curves for its wispy form, it’s approachable and fun to create. This character can also be embellished with expressive eyes and a small smile to add personality.

Baby Turtle

baby turtle

A baby turtle drawing captures the charm of this small creature through simple shapes. Focus on the rounded shell and stubby feet to emphasize cuteness. Use gentle curves to convey its slow, peaceful nature.

Little Boat On Water

little boat on water

A little boat on water drawing captures simplicity and tranquility. It requires only a few curved lines to suggest the boat’s outline and wavy lines for water. Great for practicing light and shadow effects to give the scene life.