15 Easy Drawing for Kids Ideas to Spark Creativity

Discover a variety of simple drawing ideas that will entertain and inspire creativity in children.

Smiling Sun With Rays

smiling sun with rays

Capture joy with a bright sun, its curved lines forming a welcoming smile. Extend straight or wavy lines from the circle to create the sun’s radiant beams. Add little eyes and cheeks to give the sun a friendly personality that resonates with children.

Simple House and Tree

simple house and tree

This motif combines a basic geometric structure with natural elements, creating an easily recognizable scene. Children learn to draw fundamental shapes while also incorporating simple environmental details. With a few lines for the trunk and a cloud-like shape for the foliage, the tree complements the rectangular form of the house and its triangular roof.

Cartoon-style Puppy

cartoon style puppy

Start with a large circle for the head and a pair of floppy ears to evoke a playful feel. Add two dots for eyes and a curved line for the mouth, ensuring the facial expression radiates joy. For the body, a simple oval with stick legs will keep the drawing adorable yet manageable for young artists.

Basic Flower With Petals

basic flower with petals

The basic flower design is ideal for young artists learning to draw symmetrical shapes. Its uncomplicated structure allows children to experiment with different petal shapes and sizes. Encouraging color exploration, this motif also introduces concepts of center and perimeter in a visual, engaging way.

Happy Crescent Moon With Stars

happy crescent moon with stars

The crescent moon features a broad smile, imbuing the night sky scene with a sense of warmth and cheerfulness. Stars of varying sizes scatter around the moon, creating a starry backdrop that enhances the drawing’s whimsical appeal. Children can personalize their cosmic scene by adding details like craters or by drawing constellations they recognize.

Stick Figure Family

stick figure family

A stick figure family captures the essence of each member through minimalist features, such as varying heights and hairstyles. Accessories like hats or bows add personality and distinction to each figure. This subject allows young artists to represent their own families and understand proportion in a simple, relatable way.

Simple Apple With a Worm

simple apple with a worm

Capturing whimsy, a classic apple drawing coupled with a cheeky worm peeking out invites a playful scene. The contrast of the apple’s smooth contours and the worm’s wiggly form offers an engaging study in shapes for children. This composition, charming in its simplicity, encourages storytelling through art.

Basic Sailboat On Waves

basic sailboat on waves

A sailboat on waves introduces the concept of drawing simple curved lines to represent the ocean. The triangular sail paired with a straightforward hull helps children understand shapes and their assembly. Adding lines to show movement of waves around the boat can enhance their sense of dynamics within art.

Smiling Caterpillar On a Leaf

smiling caterpillar on a leaf

The design features a cheerful caterpillar with a series of connected, rounded segments. It rests on a simple leaf shape, which serves as a natural background. Decorative lines can be added to suggest the texture of the leaf and the segments of the caterpillar.

Simple Car With Round Wheels

simple car with round wheels

A child can draw a car starting with a pair of large circles for the wheels to ensure stability and ease of design. A rectangle serves as the car’s body, topped with a smaller rectangle or half-circle for the cabin, simplifying the car’s structure. Adding details like windows, doors, and headlights can transform the basic shapes into a recognizable vehicle while still maintaining simplicity for young artists.

Cartoon Fish in Water

cartoon fish in water

Draw a playful, round-bodied fish with exaggerated, expressive features to capture the attention of young artists. Include simple waves above to give the impression of it swimming in a cheerful underwater scene. Embellish with bubbles and starfish for a touch of whimsy and to encourage children’s imagination.

Smiling Snowman With a Scarf

smiling snowman with a scarf

The snowman’s curved smile invites a sense of warmth despite the chilly surroundings. Adorning it with a brightly colored scarf adds a splash of color and character to the frosty figure. Dotting its face with coal or buttons for eyes infuses life, crafting a beloved winter icon for kids to draw.

Traditional Stick-figure Airplane

traditional stick figure airplane

A traditional stick-figure airplane consists of a simple horizontal line for the body and straight lines for the wings and tail. To convey motion, short diagonal lines can be added trailing from the wings and rear. Children can personalize their airplane by adding windows, a propeller, or even a pilot’s cockpit.

Happy Slice of Pizza

happy slice of pizza

Draw a wedge-shaped piece with a curved crust to represent the pizza slice. Add dots and curved lines on top to illustrate toppings, making it look delicious and fun. Give it a pair of wide eyes and a big, cheerful smile to bring the character to life for young artists.

Simple Butterfly With Patterned Wings

simple butterfly with patterned wings

Begin by sketching the insect’s basic body shape with a vertical oval for the thorax and a head. Add two symmetrical, larger upper wings and two smaller lower wings to bring your butterfly to life. Encourage creativity by adorning the wings with various patterns such as spots, stripes, or even simple floral designs, making each wing a mirror image of the other.