15 Space Drawing Easy Ideas for Beginners

Discover simple techniques to bring celestial bodies and cosmic scenes to life with your pencil and paper.

Cartoon Rocket Ship With a Simple Flame Trail

cartoon rocket ship with a simple flame trail

A cartoon rocket zips across the paper, its bold contours and vivid colors catching the eye. Embers trail from the engines, a playful addition that gives the drawing motion. Stars speckle the background, completing a scene that’s out of this world.

Stylized Planets With Rings and Moons

stylized planets with rings and moons

Capture the whimsy of the cosmos by sketching planets of various sizes, each encircled by their own distinctive rings. Add texture with dotted moons in orbit to give life to your cosmic scene. Play with colors and shading to bring a vibrant twist to these celestial bodies.

Simplified Astronaut Helmet With Star Reflections

simplified astronaut helmet with star reflections

Capture the cosmos inside the visor of an astronaut’s helmet, where twinkling stars dot the deep blue of space. This visual, a snapshot of outer space from the explorer’s perspective, sparks imagination about the final frontier. The reflections add depth, making the helmet more than protective gear—it becomes a window to the infinite galaxy.

Smiling Crescent Moon With Stars

smiling crescent moon with stars

Capture the whimsy of the night sky by sketching a crescent moon adorned with a cheerful expression, giving a playful touch to your drawing. Surround this lunar feature with clusters of small stars to create a sense of serenity and wonder. Use light, sweeping strokes for the stars to convey their twinkling effect against the vast backdrop of space.

Satellite Orbiting Earth With Solar Panels

satellite orbiting earth with solar panels

Capture the essence of a satellite by focusing on its solar panels, which gather energy from the sun. As it encircles our planet, link it with delicate lines to signify its orbit. Use geometric shapes for a streamlined and approachable depiction of this advanced technology.

Shooting Star With a Dashed Tail

shooting star with a dashed tail

Capture the fleeting beauty of a shooting star by sketching a triangle with a wavy, dashed line for its tail, symbolizing its rapid movement across the sky. Emphasize the star’s brightness with sporadic, small lines radiating from the point, suggesting a glow. Add a hint of magic by interspersing a few tinier stars along the tail’s path, showing the star’s twinkling trail.

Basic Alien Face With Large Eyes in a Spaceship Window

basic alien face with large eyes in a spaceship window

Capture the essence of extraterrestrial mystery in your sketch with wide-eyed wonder. Frame this curious character in the porthole of a spacecraft, hinting at a story unfolding beyond the stars. Give life to your drawing by focusing on the exaggerated facial features that beckon the imagination to consider life in the cosmos.

Simple Constellation Outline (like the Big Dipper)

simple constellation outline like the big dipper

Capture the stars with a few dots and lines to create the Big Dipper, a familiar and easy-to-recognize constellation. This celestial sketch serves as a perfect beginner’s guide to understanding star patterns. Its iconic shape makes it a staple in introductory space art, helping observers connect with the night sky.

Simplified Space Shuttle With Boosters

simplified space shuttle with boosters

Capture the essence of human space exploration with a streamlined sketch of a shuttle. Accentuate the shuttle’s form by drawing its powerful boosters, symbols of our scientific progress. Depict the blaze of liftoff with a few bold lines to suggest motion and energy.

Cratered Meteoroid Floating in Space

cratered meteoroid floating in space

A cratered meteoroid gives texture and depth to your space scene, evoking the rough journey through the cosmos. With a few circular shapes and some shading, the illusion of craters comes to life on paper. Float it among your stars and planets for a touch of astronomical realism.

Sketch of the International Space Station (ISS)

sketch of the international space station iss

Capture the essence of human ingenuity by sketching the International Space Station as it orbits our planet. Focus on its modular structure, creating a network of connected tubes and solar panels. This illustration pays tribute to space exploration’s collaborative spirit and technological achievement.

Basic Flying Saucer With a Beam of Light Beneath

basic flying saucer with a beam of light beneath

Capture the classic UFO silhouette with a saucer-shaped craft and domed top. Below, add drama with a cone of light implying abduction or a mysterious landing. Differentiate your illustration by experimenting with light effects within the beam to suggest motion or energy.

A Minimalist Black Hole Swirl

a minimalist black hole swirl

Capture the gravity of a black hole with a single, swirling line that conveys its powerful pull. Place a few scattered dots around the edge to represent distant stars being drawn in. This cosmic whirlpool offers a stark and dramatic image that’s instantly recognizable as the universe’s mysterious force.

Child’s Drawing of a Sun With Rays and a Smiley Face

childs drawing of a sun with rays and a smiley face

This depiction infuses warmth and cheer into the cosmic scene, capturing the sun’s essence through a childlike lens. The radiant beams and beaming smile personify our solar system’s center, making it approachable for artists of all ages. Adding this whimsical element brings a touch of innocence and joy to the composition.

Stick Figure Astronaut Floating With a Tether Line

stick figure astronaut floating with a tether line

Capture the weightlessness of space with a stick figure astronaut, lines indicating a serene float. Connect the figure to a spacecraft or station using a simple curved line, symbolizing a safety tether. Dot the background with stars to emphasize the vastness and isolation of space.